St Benedict’s opens for Anti-Poverty Week

Volunteers Jeanette Buckley (left) and Kris Mitchell helping out in the kitchen at St Benedict’s Community Centre. Photo: Miles ThompsonST BENEDICT’S Community Centre in Crawford Street will be working to raise awareness for Anti-Poverty Week in the coming days, by opening their doors for lunch to the whole Queanbeyan community.
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The Community Centre will be serving lunch to both the public, as well as those in need, between 12:00pm and 1:00pm on Tuesday, October 13, Wednesday, October 14 and Friday, October 16.

St Benedict’s serves lunch five days a week to the poverty stricken, normally to around 70 people a day.

However this week, they will be increasing their capacity where possible, as well as seeking involvement from local dignitaries, Co-ordinator Elaine Lollback said .

“The Councillors will be cooking lunch on Wednesday,” she said.

“We’re hoping the Mayor’s going to come down to serve on Friday.”

All those who regularly volunteer at the centre will also be on hand. Ms Lollback said there were around 80 in all, and some who travel from as far as Cooma to help out.

“St Benedict’s wouldn’t exist without the community,” she said.

“We’re really going great guns at the moment.”

Ms Lollback had great praise for Queanbeyan’s support of the organisation, with people regularly providing donations of milk, blankets, or simply just their time.

“It can really make a difference in someone’s life,” she said.

Tom Parkes, a member of St Benedict’s Community care program, said that the initiative was a great opportunity for the general population to take a closer look at what St Benedicts provides.

“It’s an opportunity to chat to the people who are there regularly, the people who are homeless, and people who’ve got difficult circumstances,” he said.

“That’s what Anti-Poverty Week is all about.”

Mr Parkes said opening up understanding, particularly about the different circumstances the poverty struck find themselves in, was crucial to helping make poverty a thing of the past.

“We’ve got young people who need counselling, who’ve got no where to go.

“We’ve got people who are out of jail and looking for a new start.

“We’ve got people with drug problems, and some people with mental health problems.”

Anti-Poverty Week starts on Sunday, October 11 and concludes on Saturday, October 17, with the United Nations initiated ‘International Anti-Poverty Day’.

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Students raise $9,500 from walkathon

Pictured enjoying the walkathon are Jorja Davis, Jorja Mann, Georgia Sideris, Holly Kerrigan and Ally Fryer. The Holy Family Parents and Friends Association held a special walkathon to raise funds.
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The students at Holy Family sourced sponsorship from family and friends to participate in the event.

The walkathon was held at Pioneer Oval with students, staff and parents walking around the oval for approximately two hours.

A total of $9500 was raised on the day – a phenomenal achievement!

Josef Swindle, a Year 6 student, won the prize of Mini iPad for being the student who raised the most amount of money in the school.

Class awards for highest fundraisers as well as participation awards and lucky draw prizes were also presented.

Holy Family School would like to thank their wonderful P&F Association, everyone who was able to sponsor a child and the many local businesses who supported the event.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Miss You Already

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Stars: Toni Collette, Drew Barrymore, Dominic Cooper, Paddy Considine

Director: Catherine Hardwicke

Screening: Selected cinemas

Rating: ★★★

CATHERINE Hardwicke, the Los-Angeles based Texan who gave us Thirteen and the first Twilight movie, crosses the Atlantic here to direct Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore in a female friendship ‘‘tramedy’’ set in London. That’s a film that is both comedy and tragedy, and I promise never to use the word again.

Who wouldn’t cross an ocean to work with those two? Collette can do anything, and often does; Barrymore does very little, but she brings a tonne of love with her. It’s hard to think of an actress so beloved; she doesn’t always show a great range but she has that lopsided grin that says: ‘‘I’ve seen some life and come out the other side.’’

Casting her as the best friend is clever, because Collette’s character here needs someone to convince us that she’s loveable. If she didn’t have breast cancer, it would be easy to dismiss her as spoiled and irritating. The disease doesn’t change that; it just amplifies it, which is also clever.

We want to judge her, but we can’t, because we must have pity on anyone fighting cancer. That makes it both morehuman and more challenging.

Actress and writer Morwenna Banks lost three friends to breast cancer, so she wrote a radio play about it. Here it is a movie about 10 things: vivid, occasionally funny, but not as funny as it thinks; heartbreaking and gut-wrenching; too self-aware and hipster by half; and true enough when it matters to be disturbing and confronting.

If you get the sense that I was both moved and frustrated by it, you’d be right, but I think that was what Hardwicke intended. She tries to avoid gross sentiment. She fails, but she puts up a fight.

Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette are best friends in Miss You Already.

Movies about cancer almost never avoid that swamp. This one tries to skirt it by focusing on 30years of friendship between Milly, an English girl, and Jess, an American who arrived at the same school when they were about six.

For anyone being treated for cancer, the movie will be close to home. For those who have lost someone, it will bring back awful memories. For the young, who may not have thought about it, Miss You Already might be an eye-opener, or a glum introduction to a place they don’t want to go.

Forget that it’s about cancer. As a film about female friendship, it has some energy and style, not least because these two actors are so lovely together.

Collette never loses Milly’s humanity, even when she’s behaving badly. Barrymore oozes affection and humour in every scene. I would have preferred more of that bond, because films about cancer just knock everything else into the wings. It’s just so implacable in a dramatic sense, like a herd of elephants tramping through Regent’s Park.

As in life, everything becomes about the illness, no matter how hard the filmmakers try to hold it back.

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Headspace service in demand

MORE than 340 young people have been helped by headspace Dubbo since it opened its doors at the start of this year.
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They attended more than 1400 appointments.

Operations manager Peter Rohr reports that it is in “high demand”.

“We’re over the moon at the positive response to the headspace program in the Dubbo community,” he said.

“Young people and their families have really welcomed the services we have available.

“We’re excited to see how many young people are seeking support from the centre.

“Considering how new the service is, it’s outstanding to get to where we are in such a short space of time.”

The operations manager said headspace Dubbo offered a range of mental health and related services, delivered free to young people aged 12 to 25 years.

“We have a fantastic GP who comes in each week, along with psychologists, youth workers, sexual health nurses, tenancy advisers, as well as employment and study advisers,” he said.

“Many of these services are made possible by the support of our extremely valuable consortium partners.

“We’re in a fortunate position to be able to offer a range of supports under one roof, and all available in a youth-friendly and welcoming environment which we know is important for young people.

“If any organisations are interested in getting involved with headspace Dubbo or its consortium, please contact the centre on 5852 1900.”

Mr Rohr reported that headspace Dubbo was a finalist in the categories of excellence in community involvement and excellence in presentation and marketing of the Dubbo Chamber of Commerce Orana Mutual 2015 Rhino Awards

On its website, headspace is referred to as the National Youth Mental Health Foundation with centres across metropolitan, regional and rural Australia.

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Hard to Swallow

The price, quality and seasonality of Australia’s food is increasingly being affected by climate change with Australia’s future food security under threat, a ground-breaking report by the Climate Council has revealed.
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Australia’s food supply chain is highly exposed to disruption from increasing extreme weather events driven by climate change with farmers already struggling to cope with more frequent and intense droughts and changing weather patterns, the Feeding a Hungry Nation: Climate Change, Food and Farming in Australia report found.

The Climate Council’s Professor Lesley Hughes said Australia’s agricultural competitiveness in many agricultural markets will be challenged by the warming climate and changing weather patterns.

“Australia is one of the most vulnerable developed countries in the world to climate change impacts,” she said.

“This is already posing very significant challenges to food production. Food prices will continue to go up, the quality of food could be compromised and the seasonality of food could change as the climate continues to warm and weather patterns become more unpredictable.

“Many of our favourite foods, including milk, fruit, vegetables, wine and beef are already being affected by climate change and these impacts will grow as weather extremes get worse.”

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Borders shift on Williamtown contamination zone

The expanded map released on Friday. UPDATE:THE Environment Protection Authority has released this afternoon a new map of the expanded contamination zone around the RAAF Williamtown base.
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The revised area now takes in properties to the north-east of the base, including Salt Ash, towards Tilligerry Creek.

Residents had been told not to drink water from private bores or use the water in food preparation. The ban now extends to water from dams, ponds, creeks and drains.

The earlier map of the contamination area, which has been expanded.

Toxic Truth: More stories

Toxic truth: Archive


THE environmental scandal engulfing Williamtown RAAF Base has widened as experts agreed to expand the contamination zone and investigate the threat to human health.

More residents to the north-east of the base, towards Tilligerry Creek, will be affected by the extended contamination zone after dangerous levels of fire-fighting chemicals were detected in surface water further afield.

Another round of testing will be conducted that could see the zone extended even further.

However, health authorities have dismissed residents’ calls for human blood testing, saying it would have no value.

Instead, they would conduct a ‘‘human health risk assessment’’.

Rhianna Gorfine of the Williamtown and Surrounds Residents’ Action Group speaks to an expert panel regarding the RAAF scandal. Picture: Ryan Osland

The expert panel tasked with examining the contamination threat met at Newcastle Airport on Thursday afternoon and later informed residents of the decision.

It was a day of high-level meetings that included NSW Environment Minister Mark Speakman and federal Assistant Minister for Defence Darren Chester.

Mr Speakman said the government was doing everything it could to address the problem, adding that his advice was that the risk remained low.

Academics said scientific literature showed the risk to people could not be quantified.

Residents said they want government to do more testing and act faster on the problem.

Mr Chester said he was ‘‘keen to make sure we’re seen in Defence as being responsible corporate citizens’’.

‘‘We need to do whatever we reasonably can to alleviate the current situation,’’ Mr Chester said.

NSW chief scientist and panel chair Mary O’Kane said the latest surface water test results were received by the Environment Protection Authority on Thursday morning.

‘‘Based on a preliminary review of those results, the panel resolved as a precautionary measure to extend the current investigation area further from the RAAF base in an easterly direction towards the areas covered by the existing fishing bans,’’ she said.

Environment Protection Authority Hunter region manager Adam Gilligan said this zone extended ‘‘a number of kilometres to the north-east towards Tilligerry Creek’’.

An updated map is expected to be issued by the EPA on Friday.

Ms O’Kane said residents were advised not to drink water from private bores or use the water in food preparation.

The ban extends to water from dams, ponds, creeks and drains.

Town water is safe, but many residents in the affected area are not connected.

Newcastle councillor Michael Osborne, who attended the meeting on behalf of Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes, described the outcome as ‘‘very concerning’’.

‘‘The reality is they don’t have a handle on the extent of the contamination or what it means,’’ he said.

‘‘Right now they are conceding not enough sampling and testing has been done.

‘‘More sampling will be carried out which could redefine the boundaries again.’’

Cr Osborne said the human health risk assessment ‘‘should have been done years ago’’.

The chemicals PFOA and PFOS – contained in disused fire-retardant foams – were used on the RAAF base for 50 years to 2012.

In 2005, chemical company DuPont was fined almost $20million for failing to alert the US environmental regulator to the ‘‘substantial risk of injury to human health or the environment’’ caused by PFOA.

‘‘This is a clear example of how not to manage an issue like this,’’ Cr Osborne said.

‘‘There has been a real failure from Defence and the NSW government agencies.’’

Residents in the zone have been warned not to eat eggs from backyard chickens or use milk from cows or goats that have been drinking bore or surface water.

Fish, prawns and wild oysters caught in the area have also been banned.

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Dunsborough Butcher crowned sausage Royalty

Butchers Danny Duane and Robbie Tan are proud of their achievements A VEGETARIAN and a butcher walk into a shop.
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No this isn’t a bad joke, this is my next news story.

It is somewhat ironic asI am the only vegetarian in the Busselton-Dunsborough Mail office; I’m not sure why I keep getting stories about Sausage King Finals.

Maybe my editor doesn’t like me?

But I’m certainly proud to share the good news about a hard working local business.

Dunsborough butchers Reef by the Beef have been crowned Sausage Royalty, taking out first place in the State in the Australian lamb class.

This means the butchers will be representing not just Dunsborough, but all of Western Australia in Brisbane for the Nationals next February.

Beef by the Reef came second in the 2014 Nationals and the butchers are hoping to take the first place plaque back with them this time.

The sausages that sizzled in the competition where the traditional BBQ, Australian Pork, Australian lamb and the continental Italian sausage.

Butcher and owner Robbie Tan believes it’s a lot of love that makes their sausages special.

“We use fresh, good quality, local meats, which really reflects in our products,” Mr Tan said.

“We will also make custom sausages to order, we like to go above and beyond for our customers.”

Despite my preference for veggies, I wish the butchers all the best in the nationals.

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Companies sought for $46.5 million works

An artist’s impression of the Bendigo Stadium expansion.CONSTRUCTION companies will be sought from this weekend to complete $46.5 million of major construction workin the City of Greater Bendigo.
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The council will call for expressions of interest from Saturday for the construction of the $30 million aquatic centre in Kangaroo Flat and the $16.5 million expansion of the Bendigo Stadium.

The two projects are believed to be the largest package of works to be completed in the City of Greater Bendigo.

The final design of the aquatic centre will be determined when a centre operator is chosen.

A petition opposing the demolition of the Kangaroo Flat Community Leisure Centre –to make way for the aquatic centre –will be discussed bycouncil next week.

Bendigo mayor Peter Cox said he could understand the disappointmentfrom some in Kangaroo Flat at the demolition of the leisure centre, but said council was committed to “moving on with the project”.

“In public life, council can’t satisfy everybody’s needs all the time,” he said.

“I think we’ve done our very best to get the best possible outcome with a mix of retaining public open space, retaining the oval, and building a new aquatic and wellbeing centre.”

Cr Cox was one of four councillors to vote against the project in its current form when it came before council earlier this year.

Despite his previous position, he said the aquatic centre would be a “win-win” for the city.

Construction of the aquatic centre is expected to begin in the early part of 2016, and will take 15 months to complete.

The interior design of the aquatic centre will be finalised when an operator is chosen.

Council will also enter a procurement process for the Bendigo Stadium development, which includes a new 4000-seat arena and the expansion of other sporting areas.

The project is expected to take 12 months and will also begin early next year.

Bendigo Stadium chairman Brendon Goddard said it was pleasing to see the project moving to the next stage.

“We’ve workedon this since 2009, so this is a very long gestation period. So the quicker we can start, the better off we’ll be,” he said.

“No other place in Bendigo will be able to seat 4000. We reckon we can seat about 2000 on the floor of it as well, so there’s opportunities.”

The aquatic centre included $15 million in state government funding, plus funding from the City of Greater Bendigo, the Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise and the commercial operator.

The stadium expansion has been funded with $10 million from the Bendigo Stadium, $5 million from the state government and $1.5 million from the City of Greater Bendigo.

Director of city futures Stan Liacos said there would be opportunities for dozens of local businesses to be involved in the build of the two projects.

Contractors can express their interest at 梧桐夜网tenderlink南京夜网/bendigo

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Eddy upbeat about his new club’s prospects

IN CHARGE: Adam Eddy has joined North Ballarat as its captain-coach for season 2015-16. Picture: David Brehaut.
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ADAM Eddy knows he hasa bigtask on his hands.

Jason Crosbie

But he’s very confident the jobcan reap some rewards.

The 27-year-old is the man entrusted to take North Ballarat back to the top of the Ballarat Cricket Association club firsts competition after signing as captain-coach for the next two seasons.

Eddy has crossed to the Roosters fromMeeniyan Dumbalk United in the Leongatha District Cricket Association, where he enjoyed one of his best seasons as a player during the 2014-15 campaign.

Here, the all-rounder took a massive 57 wickets at an average of 8.25 and made a handy 149 runs at 24.83.

This followed a long career with fellow LDCA club Imperials -where he has played most of his cricket –anda stint withBroadbeach Robina on the Gold Coast.

The 2014-15 season was an impressive return for a player coming into the prime of his career and about to embark on an exciting new journey in unfamiliar surrounds.

Eddy told The Courier he was impressed with the talent at the Roosters and is aiming for a rapid rise up the ladder in his first season in charge.

He said the goal was to win more gamesand become more competitive, while striving for the top four.

North won just one game and collected awooden spoon last season, but Eddy is upbeat about thechances of reaching finals in 2015-16.

“I’m pretty happy with our preparation and where we are at at the moment. Everyone is up and about, which is good,” Eddy, who operates his own landscaping business,said.

“Peopleoutside the club don’t think much is going on, but internally we are pretty confident.

“There’s alot of talent here.”

Eddy, aleft-armfast-medium bowler andmiddle-lower order batsman, replaces last season’s coachJason Crosbie and captain Leigh Lorenzen.

There has been a decent turnover from the team that struggled through last campaign, withJakob Tidyman andMitch Zakynthinos joiningFootscray-Edgewater andAsh McCafferty signing with fellow Victorian Premier Cricket club Carlton.

Despite the magnitude of some of the losses, there is important inclusions.

Among the ins is “very helpful” all-rounderSujith Krishnamoorthy, who joins from Colac, and Englishtop order batsman/wicket-keeperRyan Plom. Both are set to play for the Roosters in the round one clash against last season’s minor premiersGolden Point this weekend.

North’s start to the season doesn’t get much easier in round two, with a fixture againstMt Clear.

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Safety first at level crossings as harvest season begins

Transport for NSW is reminding regional road users to be alert around level crossings over the coming months, as harvest season gets underway officially.
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“Grain harvest season in NSW starts in the state’s north in October and extends south until early 2016.

“There is increased truck and farming machinery on our roads moving produce to where it needs to go during this period,” Acting Executive Director, Centre for Road Safety, Bernard Carlon said.

“It’s around this time of year when grain trains will be operating on lines that see little or no traffic for much of the year, so motorists will have to be extra cautious,” Mr Carlon said.

The longer working hours during harvest season increase the chances of fatigue, one of the biggest killers on our roads.

“Fatigue is a common factor in rural crashes, so drivers need to plan their rest and be aware of any signs that they might be tired,” Mr Carlon said.

“Heavy and long vehicles require longer distances to slow down – some trains can take up to 14 rugby fields to stop and can’t swerve to avoid a pedestrian or a motorist who has ignored the level crossing controls, so we need all road users to pay attention and obey the rules,” Mr Carlon said.

“Between 2001/02 and 2014/15, there were 122 collisions involving trains and road vehicles at level crossings throughout the state.

“Collisions between trains and road vehicles are often catastrophic, but we still see too many motorists taking risks.”

Transport for NSW takes an active approach to improving level crossing safety, allocating $29.2 million – $7.3 million a year – for the Level Crossing Improvement Program over the four years from 2014/15 and 2017/18 for the delivery of level crossing safety initiatives.

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Call to support McHappy Day

Ready for McHappy Day: Gabby Reynolds, Grant Smith, Fran Mclaughlan and Ben Johnson.LOCALS are being asked to get behind McHappy Day on October 17 to raise money for a range of programs that help seriously ill children and their families.
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This year McHappy Day is aiming to raise a record breaking $3.4 million for Ronald McDonald House Charities which equates to providing a bed for about 25,000 nights for Australian families at one of the 16 Ronald McDonald Houses across Australia.

Collie McDonalds licensee Grant Smith said they would be hosting a variety of events to raise money.

“We will donate two dollars from each Big Mac and Happy Meal sold on the day,” he said.

“Apart from that, there will be a band playing, raffles, face painting and fairy floss.”

Bunbury Batman will also be making appearance, while in the silent auction people can bid a framed signed jersey by the victorious Australian World Cup Cricket Team.

The South West accounts for 45 per cent of Ronald McDonald house intake, further adding to the importance of the cause.

“We look forward to having the local community get down on McHappy Day to help raise funds to support Ronald McDonald House Charities and the brilliant work that it does for seriously ill children and their families,” Mr Smith said.

“Along with the usual fun that comes with McHappy Day, this year the local community will also be able to purchase the Ronald Socks as a new fundraising initiative for McHappy Day.

“It’s a fun way for everyone to get involved.”

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Thirsty Merc pay tribute with music

THEY’RE BACK: Thirsty Merc are touring their new album around the country and will be in Wagga later this month. Vocalist Rai Thistlethwayte (right) said the band’s recent tragedy has inspired them to move forward.
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It was a tough decision but Australian band Thirsty Merc decided in the wake of their recent tragedy that the show must go on.

The band played their first show on Wednesday night since the September 22 car accident that claimed the life of their stage manager and seriously injured drummer Mick Skelton.

“It’s been really difficulty on a lot of level,” vocalist Rai Thistlethwayte told The Daily Advertiser.

“We have never had an experience like this before.

“We are moving forward the best we can.”

Thistlethwayte said music has comforted him in his darkest of days and the first show back on The Good Life Tour was no exception.

“There was a lot of love in the room,” he said.

“People want to be a part of an experience that sends some love back to the guys in that tragic accident.”

The band will make a return to Wagga on October 29 at the Home Tavern to perform hit songs and tracks from their latest independent album, Shifting Gears.

Injured drummer Mick Skelton played on numerous tracks on the album and Thistlethwayte said it was bitter sweet to be performing those songs without him on stage.

Songs for the recent album were written in Sydney, Melbourne, London and Los Angeles and the band collaborated with Lindsay Gravina and Grammy nominated Emily Lazar.

Thistlethwayte said he is excited to return to Wagga, which he describes as a “supportive musical centre.”

Tickets are available from梧桐夜网popupgigs南京夜网/eventsor at the door.

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Farmers asked to check locust beds

Central west NSW farmers are asked to check for locust activity, particularly bare soil like roadsides and contour banks.
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Local Land Services is asking landholders to inspect their land in preparation for the 2015 spring locust campaign.

There have been scattered reports of hatchings so far, with activity focusing around Elong, Coolah, Tambar Springs, Mullally, Coonabarabran and Mendooran.

While landholders should wait until locusts begin banding to control, early reporting will allow Local Land Services to issue chemical and advice beforehand.

Central West Local Land Services’ current advice to landholders is:

 monitor for hatchings;

 dig known egg beds and areas of bare soil to inspect; and

 report activity and prepare for control during banding.

Chemical and advice is available to help landholders control locust.

When receiving chemical for locust control, landholders will need to ensure there is someone on the property with a current chemical user card (AQF3).

The main area of concern centres around the Mollyan area, according to Local Land Services Senior Biosecurity Officer Rhett Robinson.

“We recently checked properties around Mollyan to find extensive egg beds throughout the area,” said Mr Robinson.

“Locusts will lay their eggs on bare areas, particularly along roadsides. On one property, we found egg beds pretty much anywhere we dug.

“We need landholders to get out to inspect and report any activity.”

The warmer weather has brought on hatchings over the last week. Some banding is starting to occur from the season’s initial hatching.

“Most of what we are seeing is the first instar stage, which have not yet banded,” said Mr Robinson.

“I saw my first lot of second instar in Elong last week. These were banding together – the prime time to control before they take flight.”

Landholders should report any locust activity to their nearest Local Land Services office, call 1300 795 299 or visit 梧桐夜网lls.nsw.gov419论坛/centralwest

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