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Men charged over Uber driver assaults in Brisbane

A group of men was photographed after drivers were allegedly assaulted in the Valley. Photo: SuppliedBrisbane detectives have charged two Black and White cab drivers over assaults on Uber drivers in Brisbane, a police spokeswoman has confirmed.
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The two men from Calamvale, south of Brisbane, have been charged following an investigation into the alleged assault of three men in Brisbane City on October 5.

A statement from Black and White Cabs confirmed the two men were drivers for the company.

They will lose their jobs if found guilty, the statement, published on Seven News, reads.

Police will allege that at 1.50am on October 5 a group of five men assaulted a man before grabbing his mobile phone as he sat in his vehicle on Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley.

It will be further alleged that at 2.30am, the same group of men assaulted another man sitting in his car on Wickham Street, punching him and damaging his vehicle.

At 3.15am, another man was allegedly assaulted on River Terrace, Kangaroo Point, by a group of men who damaged his car.

A 26-year-old Calamvale man and a 29-year-old Calamvale man are expected to appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Friday, October 9.

They are charged with three counts each of assault occasioning bodily harm in company and stealing, two counts of wilful damage and unlawful entry of a vehicle, and one count of enter premises with intent to commit an indictable offence.

Two Uber drivers were among drivers attacked in their cars in a spate of early-morning assaults across Brisbane’s inner city on Monday.

In the first incident at 1.50am, an Uber driver was assaulted and his mobile phone stolen as he sat in his car in Wickham Street in Fortitude Valley.

About 40 minutes later, a group of men punched a man who was also sitting in his car in Wickham Street and damaged his vehicle.

At 3.15am, a second Uber driver was attacked by a group of five men on River Terrace at Kangaroo Point.

The 49-year-old man’s car was also damaged in the attack.

– with Kim Stephens

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Cyclists urged to avoid ‘dangerous’ Melbourne city streets

Robert Doyle. Photo: Penny Stephens The Melbourne Bicycle Users Group says the proposal is another example of a pro-car decision by the council. Photo: Eddie Jim
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Robert Doyle. Photo: Penny Stephens

Robert Doyle. Photo: Penny Stephens

Cyclists will be encouraged to avoid several inner-city streets as Melbourne City Council looks to cut the number of deaths and serious injuries.

A draft plan released on Thursday declares the Hoddle Grid, including Lonsdale Street, Flinders Street and King Street, as “non-preferred routes” for cyclists” because they are considered unsafe.

Melbourne lord mayor Robert Doyle said the proposal was a world-first and would help cyclists make safer decisions. He said it was promoting “safety and common sense”.

But the plan has been savaged by cyclists who say it is yet another example of a pro-car decision by the council.

“Every time there’s a clash between bikes and cars, council supports the cars,” Nik Dow, from the Melbourne Bicycle Users Group said.

“This is not planning that will get people riding. Their thinking is all wrong.”

The proposal was first raised in July, when Cr Doyle said streets were either too busy or “so narrow in parts and that too is so congested. It is too dangerous”.

“The amenity of Flinders Street is very hard for riding a bike, if you think about the trams, the traffic, the parking. It’s not an area that’s easy to share for bikes and to do so safely.”

The draft plan also highlights preferred cycling routes, which include William, Swanston and La Trobe street, plus the Yarra Corridor.

When asked if the council would attempt to make those streets safer for cyclists in the future, the Lord Mayor said that was unlikely.

“I don’t think you can make Lonsdale Street safe because it is the preferred bus route and you have buses at speed and high frequency…I can’t think of any way you can make that safe.”

Among other items in the draft plan are: The creation of inter-connecting neighbourhood routes in Kensington, North Melbourne, Carlton and Southbank that will connect cyclists to schools, shops and community centresThe creation of an extra 800 bicycle parking spaces in “key public locations”The installation of bicycle maintenance stations, including bike pumps and water fountainsA long-term proposal to build a floating pontoon across the Yarra River in Southbank as an alternative to using Southbank Promenade

Mr Dow said the floating pontoon idea was misguided, saying that cyclists needed more support for where demand was greatest

“Apart from the fact there are conservation issues about covering up more of the river, bikes belong on the streets. We don’t want bike routes stuck out the back of Melbourne; they need to be on King Street and Collins Street.”

“They’re not taking a leadership position on this.”

Cr Doyle said Southbank was no longer “the edge of the city”, and with major developments across Docklands and Fishermen’s Bend yet to begin, it was a “sensible proposal.”

“In 40 years time, that will be the centre of the city,” he said.

The council has a five-year goal of reducing the number of cyclist deaths and serious injuries 10 per cent each year. The council is also aiming to have 25 per cent of all trips coming into the city in morning peak be on bike; and have seven per cent of all trips be on bike.

Cycling in the city has boomed in the past few years, with the number of morning peak commuters entering the city by bike almost doubling from nine per cent in 2008, to 17 per cent this year. Research has revealed that about half of all CBD residents own a bicycle.

The draft plan will be open to public comment until November 20, with a final report to be released in March next year.

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Edgar’s Mission in the line of firePhotos

Edgar’s Mission in the line of fire | Photos Pictures: Edgar’s Mission
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Pictures: Edgar’s Mission

Pictures: Edgar’s Mission

Pictures: Edgar’s Mission

Pictures: Edgar’s Mission

Pictures: Edgar’s Mission

Pictures: Edgar’s Mission

Pictures: Edgar’s Mission

Pictures: Edgar’s Mission

Pictures: Edgar’s Mission

Pictures: Edgar’s Mission

Pictures: Edgar’s Mission

Pictures: Edgar’s Mission

Pictures: Edgar’s Mission

Pictures: Edgar’s Mission

Pictures: Edgar’s Mission

Pictures: Edgar’s Mission

Pictures: Edgar’s Mission

TweetFacebookFire threatens homes near Lancefield | Video, photos

Non profit sanctuary for rescued farmed animalsEdgar’s Mission came within metres of an out-of-control burn-off near Lancefield on Tuesday.

Through the work of staff and the CFA, the fire was stopped less than 200 metres from the sanctuary’sfront gate.

Beautiful sunset over Edgar’s Mission. Our thoughts with those still battling the fires. #VicFires#Lancefield#firepic.twitter南京夜网/ln2VjV6SNU

— Edgar’s Mission (@edgarsmission) October 7, 2015This afternoon I took a slow, silent walk down Bridies Lane.

I closed my eyes and recalled her once beautiful gums trees who lined the road.

Their magical arch embraced all those who traversed her paved passage to Edgar’s Mission.

I kept my eyes closed that little bit longer, not wanting to open them least I see the haunting black remains of yesterday’s needless bushfire that had stripped her of her tranquillity and her tiny wild orchids.

I pray the possums and sugar gliders who were seen jumping from tree to tree managed to out pace the firey fury.

#Fire Update: Wind moving fire East towards Lancefield. Fire in Bridies Lane. Please DO NOT call. @CFA_Updates here pic.twitter南京夜网/eCsztdx6Dm

— Edgar’s Mission (@edgarsmission) October 6, 2015In that sombre moment, the peril that had robbed my Tuesday hit me and I gave thanks to my amazing team who swung so bravely and effectively into gear.

Keeping our sanctuary and all her residents safe, many oblivious to the smoke, embers and cacophony of helicopter rotor blades that danced around them.

This was the first time the reality of what erupted just after lunch really hit me.

Such was our fire plan there was little time to consider the danger we faced, only to act to prevent it.

Sharpened as it was from our previous encounter with the fury of bushfire.

Recalling the dire situation we had faced in February 2014 as the Mickleham fires kept us prisoner for three days – if her fire was slow moving, menacing and cruel, yesterday’s was swift, unforgiving and on a mission.

I then cast a glance to our northern boundary and realised just how close we had come to meeting our worst nightmare.

We are safe for now but there is still a lot of smoke! Our thoughts go out to all in that direction. #VicFirespic.twitter南京夜网/7oBGtGLFF5

— Edgar’s Mission (@edgarsmission) October 6, 2015But we didn’t, and for that I will be forever thankful.

I truly hope as the fire marches on, others will be so lucky.

And touched beyond belief I am for the outpouring of concern and well wishes that have flowed in.

Coming from so many, from so far afield and from quarters I had never imagined cared.

Night time shows the true destruction of the fire. We are safe for now, night duty fire watch begins. #VicFirespic.twitter南京夜网/IPyjkXwZSA

— Edgar’s Mission (@edgarsmission) October 6, 2015That Edgar’s Mission holds such a place in the hearts of so many will forever comfort my soul as will the thought that someone is watching over us all.

For more onEdgar’s Mission, visit梧桐夜网edgarsmission.org419论坛

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Anja can mix it with the best

Former Victor Harbor resident AnjaHalstead has made a name forherself on the rugby union fields ofCanberra, South Australia and NewSouth Wales.
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Anja, the daughter of Chris andHeather Halstead, who still live locally,went to Victor Harbor Primary Schooland Tatachilla Lutheran College, whereshe excelled in her studies. She playedsoccer as a young girl on the boys’ teamand was relatively successful at schoolswimming.

Besides sport and her studies, Anja isalso a very talented artist.

“I had to stop playing sport when I wasabout 12 having developed an autoimmunedisorder, which meant anyoverly physical contact could make mebleed in an uncontrolled fashion,” shesaid.

However, the disorder was fortunatelycured and Anja began playing rugbyaged 20.

“I am currently working in armedsecurity, which means juggling shift workand training.

“Working in Canberra has given methe opportunity to learn more aboutrugby and sport in general.”

Despite growing up in a statedominated by AFL coverage, Anja wasalways destined to be involved in rugbyin one way or another with part of herheritage from rugby-mad England.

“My father’s family are from England,so on the rare occasion that theWallabies were televised on free-to-airtelevision I would watch the games withdad,” she said.

“He used to play fullback for SouthernSuburbs Rugby Union Club in Adelaideas a teenager and there is a familyhistory with representative rugby inEngland and Scotland.”

While she struggled early to musterthe courage to get involved with rugby,her initiation began through a lessphysical version of the game.

“When I found out there was awomen’s competition in Adelaide, I wastoo scared to actually go to a trainingsession, however I started playing touchfootball on my then partner’s socialteam,” Anja said.

“She assured me that it wouldn’t be asrough as it was on the TV.

“It is.

“However, I enjoyed touch football somuch I decided to give it a go.

“I had one-and-a-half seasons withNorth Eastern Districts Rugby UnionClub, until the women’s team folded. Ithen moved to Old Collegians RugbyUnion Club in Linden Park where theytrained me up in the forward pack,playing lock position, and I’ve neverlooked back.”

Anja credits a number of people forhaving an impact on her time in rugbyso far, but there is one major influencethat sticks out.

“My influences are very close tohome.

“The small size of the women’scompetition in Adelaide and Canberramean that the people who I look up toand learn from are my friends and teammates.

“Louise Burrows has had an extensiveplaying career for Australia and she iscurrently the captain of my team atRoyals, she is a great inspiration, sheprovides me with so much direction andleadership on the pitch and really leadsfrom the front line.

“She digs deep for her team and isalways the first to the break down.

“She has provided me with directionin my skills and tightened up my playingability and she suggested I try out forACT Brumbies and was my captainduring the national comp.

“I would love to be such a powerfulleader like her.”

When it comes to players Anja looksup to at national or international levels,there is one particular Wallabies playerwho stands out for her.

“In the Super Rugby and Wallabies, Ifind inspiration in David Pocock,” shesaid.

“He plays a similar position to me andhas such a high work rate.

“He makes every tackle and is alwaysgreat in set piece plays, such as line outsand scrums.”

While some people may think thewomen’s game is not as tough and hardhitting as the men’s game, she begs todiffer – with a set of five stitches and aconcussion illustrating her point.

“Women’s rugby is the fastest growingteam sport in the world and is one ofonly a few women’s sports that is thesame as the male counterpart in everysingle way.

“The pitch, equipment, rules, kit,everything is exactly the same.

“We tackle and hit as hard, we leg liftin the line-outs and full scrums.

“If anything, I’ve seen men watch thewomen’s game and squirm at theaggression, the power and theroughness.”

Despite having moved around thecountry due to work over recent years,Anja has maintained her performance onthe field. This has been reflected bybeing chosen in a number of differentrepresentative and high level teams.

In 2013, Anja was selected torepresent South Australia at the RugbyUnion National XVs comp in Sydney.

The next year she was selected torepresent South Australia in the RugbySevens Competition, held at theAustralian Institute of Sport in Canberra.

After a short time with her new clubthe Canberra Royals, Anja wasencouraged to try out for the ACTBrumbies and although she was hesitantat first, attending the try-outs proved agreat career move.

“Not only did I make the team, but Imoved from a reserve to the starting lineup mid-way through the National XVsComp in Sydney,” she said.

“The ACT team itself had a cracker of atournament taking out long-runningcompetition favourites Queensland forthe first time in 15 years and making ourway to the grand final without having atry scored against us.

“Unfortunately we did not win againstSydney, however the experience wasunforgettable and has improved myrugby game considerably.”

When it comes to her future goals onthe rugby field Anja has big dreams.

“My goals are to assist in developingthe sport and to always be a good teammate.

“I want to be a leader on the pitch andhelp others learn about the sport.

“I have aspirations to play for Australiaone day, however that may not beattainable, so I am focused on being thebest rugby player I can.”

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Young country talent on show was fantastic

Parkes’ Dale Cowell is joined by Narelle Sellick of Temora in belting out a song during the festival. .sub The 48th 2PK Parkes Country Music Festival has been and gone.
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Competitors in the festival talent quest this year came from far and wide including Wollongong, Leumeah, Sydney, Rosemeadow, Young, Temora, Peak Hill, Mendooran. Parkes, Forbes, Griffith, etc

Once again the talent throughout the weekend was “absolutely fantastic”.

Some of the juniors who are coming through are extremely talented.

Major winners for the weekend were Maddison Collier (Leumeah) who won the A.C.T.S. Quest, with Derek Thompson (Orange) second and Jackie Browne (Orange) third.

Overall Senior Winner was Vicki Walsh from Young, while Beth Grange from Cordeaux Heights was the Junior overall winner.

The competition was tight with Vicki Walsh and Kate Sneddon from Goulburn both equal for senior overall winner with a countback taking place to select the winner.

In the junior overall section, Beth Grange and Mikaylah Markham (Port Kembla) also tied with a count back needed to determine the winner.

The busking competition attracted only six entries with buskers competing for prizemoney and trophies on Friday afternoon.

Mary Hunt (Shepparton) who played fiddle and was outside Millers, was the outright winner, with Cuddles and Co (Grey Nomads set up outside the Westpac Bank), second.

Non-Country Busker went to Shane McIllhagga. from Parkes (set up at Batts Music Store).

Some local people who took out places in the Talent Quest were:

Lily Crocker (third in sub juniors). Robert Charlton (Peak Hill), winner of the Male Vocal, Kaitlin Finn (Peak Hill), third in Senior Country Rock, Hayley and Caleah Charlton (Peak Hill), third in the junior duo or group, and Stanley Kingham who won the Bush Poetry.

Sponsorship from the local businesses was fantastic and contributed to the success of the Talent Quest.

“We appreciate so much the support of our sponsors, some have been supporters for 25 years or more,” spokesperson Lindy Charlton said.

“Overall the festival went very well but as is the trend with a lot of the functions held on the October long weekend, numbers were down.

“There is so much choice of things to do and with the opportunity of a great weekend outdoors people have choices to make.

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Cyclists hit the road for local series

Tony Del Gigante won the sixthround of the Tom’s Cycle City Cup after prevailing inasprint finishagainstBron Jones and Peter Stockwell.
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Del Gigante’s middle group made the most of their handicap and rounded up the limit group in the last lap of the 42km race. The scratch group wasclosing quickly,but the fastest time rider Mal Blake had to be content with fifth.

Round sevenof the seriessaw19 riders raceover a 31km course. The handicapper split the field into three groups, with the limit group getting a tight 9minstart.

The middle markers were down to a 4minstart, but with seven riders, they had the numerical advantage over the other groups.

The scratch group had six ridersbut was down to four on the first lap when the hot pace saw two riders pop off the back.

With one lap to race, the limit group was powering along with Paul Muir and Steve McLean setting the speed.

Greg Pattison was doing likewise for the middle markers with good supportfrom Dick Hore, Bron Jones, Peter Stockwell, Michael Taylor and Matty Nugan.

The limit group hit the home straight with a 100-metre lead. In the charge for the line, Paul Muir claimed a maiden handicapwin over Melissa Budd, with Steve McLean takingthird.

Peter Stockwell led the middle markers home in fourth and was followed byBron Jones in fifth and Michael Taylor in sixth. Mal Blake claimed thefastest time.

Tom’s Cycle City Cup standings:Bron Jones95;Melissa Budd92;Peter Stockwell 89;Mal Blake 76;Ana Stoll 74;Sarah Trotter 74;Tony Delgigante 73;Jack Trimboli 73;Steve McLean 70;Peter Budd 69;Michael Taylor 68;Peggy Carpenter 66;Greg Pattison 65;Jeff Stoll 63;Jenni Massey 62;George Rigon 62, Mitch Harrisn 60;Dick Hore 58;Paul Muir 57; Kingsley Massey 56.

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GIVEAWAY: Take kids to Santa’s Magical Kingdom

SANTA’S Magical Kingdom will come to Sydney for the first time this December.
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This interactive walk-through is an enchanting experience that is full of activities that will capture the imagination of children and parents.

The event includes: a magical Christmas walk-through wonderland, Snowland with the all new Snow Castle, a free gift when you meet Santa, a new International Christmas Show Spectacular, roving Christmas characters, Gingerbread Land, where you can decorate your own gingerbread man, a letter-writing area for Mrs Claus, amusement rides and much more.

The event has been a sell-out in Melbourne for the past three years and this is the first time organisers have brought Santa’s Magical Kingdom to Sydney.

Santa’s Magical Kingdom will be at Sydney Olympic Park from December 12-24.

Details/tickets: santasmagicalkingdom南京夜网419论坛.

Terms and conditions apply

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EDITORIAL: Australia’s secret free trade deal

POLITICIANS in the United States have not been shy about noting that the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal, so recently signed by Australia, was designed with two main goals in mind.
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The first goal is to boost and protect the profitability of US-owned corporations. The second is to hinder Chinese trade progress in the Pacific Region by ensuring the signatories agree to abide by rules set by the US.

Australians – like citizens of many other signatory nations – are at a severe disadvantage when it comes to debating or even understanding the TPP. That’s because the deal has been negotiated almost entirely in secret, with few in Australia, other than some trade bureaucrats, apparently permitted to view its provisions.

Those provisions, it has been widely acknowledged, appear to have been largely drafted by the US corporations that stand to benefit most from the implementation of the trade deal.

Even now, after the government has signed off on the deal and started trumpeting its supposed virtues, Australians who want information can find out much more from American sources than from those who negotiated on their behalf.

In general terms, the most fervent supporters of the deal are big businesses, and the most furious opponents are trade unions and social activists. Unions in most signatory countries fear that wages and working conditions will be driven downward still further to benefit profits.

For its part, the government insists the TPP will be a bonanza for Australia, or at least for some trade sectors such as sugar and rice. But just as with the alleged downsides, until some detailed information is actually made public, the benefits are hypothetical.

One concern is the issue of ‘‘investor state dispute settlements’’ – terms of many free trade agreements that permit corporations to take governments to external tribunals if they believe laws passed by those governments are harming their profits. Critics warn that these provisions undermine national sovereignty and elevate corporate profits above all other considerations.

The TPP certainly contains provisions for such dispute settlements, but the government insists that laws it passes to protect public health and the environment won’t be vulnerable to attack. That’s comforting, since it means measures such as plain packaging for cigarettes will still be permissible and, if any future governments decide some environmental values are worth protecting they will be theoretically able to act on that decision.

For the time being, unfortunately, the global economic and strategic realities of Australia’s position mean its citizens aren’t yet permitted to know what has been agreed to on their behalf.

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Woolworths car park space set to double

The building next door to Woolworths in Conadilly Street has come down as the supermarket expands its car park.
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The demolition scene next to Woolworths car park in Conadilly Street which will become part of the supermarket’s car park.

Woolworths Gunnedah assistant store manager Kirstin Rossiter said work was well under way on the expansion, which was planned to be completed by mid-November.

“We will more than double the car park,” she said.

“There will also be vehicle shade sails.

“Once the new car park is complete, we will be working on the old sections to improve disability access and the entrance and exit points.”

Parts of the existing car park have been fenced off as demolition takes place on the new car park site.

– Woolworths will host a fund-raising barbecue for the Variety Club Bash this Saturday.

The barbecue will take place from 10am until 2pm and there will also be children’s activities to raise money for local bash entrant Eddie Bridge, whose bash car will be on display during the barbecue.

The Variety Club Bash raises money for children who are sick, disadvantaged or who have special needs.

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TOPICS: TV minister might be modelled on our Joel

Shadow Agriculture Minister Joel Fitzgibbon, left, and fictional Infrastructure Minister Brad in the TV series Utopia.WHO did the makers of the ABC’s Utopia have in mind when they wrote Infrastructure Minister Brad, who showed up in this week’s season final?
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The fictional minister, who likes to ‘‘hit the ground running’’ with ‘‘big-ticket items’’, was born in Newcastle – which rules him out from being Agriculture Minister in a reshuffle.

‘‘Apparently the minister for agriculture can’t be born in Newcastle,’’ notes reader Simon.

‘‘I’m trying to read something into that but it escapes me.’’

Minister Brad has a habit of barking into his phone, a lot, about ‘‘who’s got the numbers’’, which brings us into Joel Fitzgibbon territory – except that the member for Hunter was in fact the Agriculture Minister in the second Rudd government.

He was born in Bellingen, though. The plot thickens.

TOPICS has a break coming up, but we seriously couldn’t relax until we settled this business of which days of the week the 1977 and ’78 rugby league grand finals (Topics, October 6) were played on.

To the best of our knowledge, here’s what happened.

In ’77, St George and Parramatta replayed their drawn grand final on a Saturday, while Manly and Cronulla played their ’78 do-over on a Tuesday. The bad guys won in each instance, but that’s life.

‘‘I think [the latter] was because the touring Kangaroos were due to leave for the tour of the UK later that week,’’ adds Ron Welsh, of Rutherford.

Kleenex is announced as a winner in the CHOICE Shonky Awards for its ‘‘dissolvable’’ wipes that actually stick together after flushing.

REMEMBER the fatberg? The fatberg was a giant ball of fat and grease beneath the city about a year ago that backed up the sewers. We still think about it from time to time.

Anyway, one of the things causing the fatberg was household waste, which explains why Hunter Water are doing cartwheels about a scathing review for ‘‘flushable’’ wipes.

They were quick to point out to us that Kleenex’s wipes received a gong at this week’s CHOICE Shonky Awards.

Far from dissolving like toilet paper as claimed, the wipes were found to hold together for 21 hours after flushing.

‘‘It is estimated wipes are costing our water services an estimated $15m per year, with individual consumers hit with personal plumbing bills in the thousands of dollar,’’ said the judges.

As part of their award, Kleenex has been referred to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Still. Tops the Logies.

SPEAKING of the things you notice going from Sydney to Newcastle (Topics, October 8), reader Maree wonders how many times the F3/M1 changes its name leading into the city.

Industrial Drive, Hannell Street, Stuart Avenue, City Road, the Pacific Highway; it’s the P. Diddy of roads. Also:

‘‘Landmarks remain when giving descriptions and directions loooong after the original buildings and their uses have changed,’’ adds Maree.

‘‘Dairy Farmers’ Corner, Bank Corner, DJ’s.’’

And, she adds:

‘‘It’s somehow acceptable to walk from the beach ‘down the main drag’ in a bikini with a beach towel over one shoulder (I did it, too). It’s a Newcastle thing.’’

THE best dad joke (Topics, October9) in the repertoire of reader Christopher Bench goes a little something like this.

‘‘My favourite joke from my dad: what’s in a honeymoon salad?’’ says Chris (c’arn, tell us). ‘‘Lettuce alone.’’

Nothing more needs to be said.

​Email Tim [email protected]南京夜网419论坛 or tweet @TimConnell or phone 4979 5944

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