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Webber on track for three in a row

Mark Webber on last year’s podium at Fuji with teammates Timo Bernhard (left) and Brendon Hartley (right). Photo: Porsche.QUEANBEYAN’S Mark Webber will set his Porsche 919 Hybrid on course for a third straight win in the World Endurance Championship this Sunday, when the series touches down in Fuji, Japan.
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With the 2014 champions and Japanese race winners, Toyota, failing to win a race so far this year, Webber and his teammates, Timo Bernhard and Brendon Hartley, will see a real chance to close in on the driver’s title and take a hat-trick of wins in the championship.

Webber’s father, Alan, said that his son’s form of late was a great opportunity for more success.

“They’ve won two on the trot now, so a third one would be lovely. Three in a row, that’s what we’re hoping for,” he said.

“The car’s fantastic and Mark’s driving well. As are his teammates.

“They’re great friends are Timo and Brendon… They get along like a house on fire.”

Alan attended the last race in Austin, Texas, the second of Webber’s recent consecutive wins.

“His first stint there was very, very strong. It was very pleasing the way he drove,” he said.

“He was very happy with the way it turned out.”

The 2015 season has already seen Webber driving at his best.

In addition to his wins in Austin and at the Nürburgring, Webber’s Porsche has also claimed podiums at Spa and Le Mans earlier in the year.

Webber’s run of recent good results currently has him placed second in the Driver’s Championship, along with teammates Bernhard and Hartley, 10 points behind the Audi-driving leaders Andre Lotterer, Marcel Fässler and Benoît Tréluyer.

Alan said the team was still wary of a title challenge from the other car, as well as championship leaders Audi.

“There’s still strong opposition from the other car, and Audi of course,” he said.

“This year, with the benefit of some new rules it’s sort of fallen into Porsche’s lap a little bit, but only through very hard work and clever engineering.

“Winning a championship is always nice, so let’s hope he can bring home the bacon.”

However, Porsche currently hold the advantage over Audi in the Manufacturer’s standings, 36 points clear with three races remaining.

Webber’s Porsche was strong at the Fuji circuit in 2014 when it finished third, despite picking up a puncture in the early laps.

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HSC begins Monday – survival guide here

ASparents across NSW batten down the hatches ahead of looming HSC exams whichbegin in earnest on Monday, Professor Justin Beilby, Vice Chancellor, Torrens University Australia offers five essential tips to help students (and parents) remain calm and, crucially, give them the best chances of success.
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1.Know your learning style

There are 7 different learning styles – visual (spatial), aural (auditory-musical), verbal (linguistic), physical (kinaesthetic), logical (mathematical), social (interpersonal) and solitary (intrapersonal).

“Understanding how you learn best, and establishing study practices in line with this, will enhance learning and recall,” said Professor Justin Beilby.

Visual:use pictures, mind maps or colour highlighters.

Aural:create mnemonics or memorise information using rhythm and rhyme.

Verbal:use word-based techniques, such as repetitively writing key points and studying material out loud.

Physical:use physical objects such as flash cards or miniature models, touch, action or movements.

Logical:create lists by extracting key points, seek to understand the ‘big picture’ and ‘why’ of concepts to contextualise them.

Social:work and study with others and cross pollinate ideas.

Solitary:maximise motivation by setting clear goals, establish a private, calming area to study and keep a journal outlining your thoughts and observations for later review.

2.Prepare your study materials

“Review past assignments, feedback and notes to obtain a clear understanding of your areas of strength and those you need to focus more heavily on.”

3.Work in short, focussed sessions

“Develop a study schedule, clearly defining the focus and goal of each session – concentrating on one subject or core theme at a time – and stick to it. Start early, and space out study sessions to help memorise material. Regularly test yourself as you revise.

4.Look after your health and wellbeing

“Eat well, exercise and ensure you get 8 hours sleep each night – this will help you manage stress, remain positive and focused, and perform your best. Study smarter, not harder and take time out to relax and reenergise. If you are struggling with your study, always seek help and if you are feeling stressed, always speak to someone about it.”

5.During the exam: read questions thoroughly, use the entire exam time and check your work.

“Whether the exam you are sitting comprises multiple choice, problem solving, short answer or essay writing these simple rules will help you perform your best.”

Multiple choice:read the questions and answer it yourself before looking at the options given.

Problem solving:include your calculations and notes, and check numbers carefully.

Short answer:use course terminology and provide examples and theorists if possible/appropriate.

Essay:deconstruct the question and plan your response – organising it into introduction, body and conclusion. Always include course terminology, examples and quotes.

Importantly, use any extra time at the end of the exam to check your work. It is easy to make little mistakes, but checking work – as you progress through the exam and upon completion – will help minimise these.

“Exams can be daunting – particularly when you are faced with multiple exams across a variety of subjects in a short period of time,” said Professor Justin Beilby.

“Preparation, including a focus on study and personal wellbeing and health, is key to maintaining a calm and focused approach both in the lead up to and during exams and is essential to help you achieve your best.”

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR TweetFacebookAre we uncaring?My name is Lindy; l and a club named the Joy Club support a group for people experiencing depression and anxiety and raised over $47,000 which we donated to the Women’s Resource Centre in Bega, to help women with domestic violence and homelessness issues.
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I am appalled at the response to trying to find a suitable venue for a hot meal and good kind company once a week for the homeless in Merimbula.

The Reaching Out Foundation has a wonderful reputation and record for helping and feeding the homeless in Bega Valley Shire; a not for profit organisation run by capable and caring volunteers.

What is wrong with the people of Merimbula;why can’t we offer a permanent hall or place to run a meal and caring company for a few hours on a Wednesday?

The homeless are not animals designed to hurt people or children. They are human beings who are wrecked by life and terrible circumstances. Where is the empathy in Merimbula society. What is wrong in helping those less fortunate, it’sa disgrace, unchristian too, not to help. Most homeless people are too unwell and too hungry to bother anyone.

Twyford Hall is meant for all the community in Merimbula, not just Spectrum Theatre and craft markets and art exhibitions, all of no consequence in life’s survival.

Yes, Twyford Hall has offered some use which we are very grateful for thank you but why not a permanent situation or offer of alternate halls.

We as a society need to look after those less fortunate before we all turn into superficial, money hungry, non caring snobs. One of those homeless people could be a family member, they were once. Are we all so inconsiderate that we just don’t care anymore. Are we a society who forgets and pretends that homelessness is not our doing.

People say that homeless people are dangerous to children when was that ever reported. Catholic priests have proved to be a far greater a danger to young children in the past. Has our society become so uncaring that well we just don’t care anymore?

Please someone offer a suitable place so Pearls Place can run on a permanent basis. Good volunteers don’t come easily all the time, they care.

One free meal a week, or a donation – it’s not a lot to do but it needs, a caring community to make it happen. Be that caring community. Be that church who cares enough to live up to Christian values, or that Scout hall, or community hall or sporting complex or empty shop or empty library or empty ex-Auswide building.

A good deed does you a mighty power of good. The Reaching Out Foundation is contactable through Ross Williams the founder,or myself Lindy Dawson email [email protected]南京夜网 or lobby your local council for a suitable venue.

Come on Merimbula help now please improve our reputation but more importantly improve the life of a homeless person. Thank you. We may even save a life or a family.

Lindy DawsonMerimbulaMore poo bags neededJust wondering why some people that walk theirdogs in Ford Park and Ocean Drive don’t carry poobags.

After all its a public place for all yet the amount of people that let theirdogs do theirbusiness, and then walk off.

I wonder if some would like the same on theirfront lawn or drive way.

Maybe the council might consider installing a doggie bag station for those who have come empty handed.

Tim McConnachieMerimbulaNo ChristmaslightsIt is with great regret that we most inform everyone, there will be no Christmas lights display at Castle Tura this year.

Following the wonderful public support and Bega Valley Council eventually seeing sense last year, we had plans for an even bigger and better display this year before we were hit with a family tragedy a few weeks ago.

Our yougest Son has suffered a life threatening injury and remains in The Childrens Hospital in Sydney with an uncertain prognosis. We have been advised to expect a long and hard road to recovery.

Given this situation I’m sure everyone will understand we are unable to devote the time and effort required to put on the Christmas light display this year.

On the up side, the master designer, engineer and whiz behind the lights show, our oldest son, has started on plans for a fantastic display for Christmas 2016 with his main hope and plan being his young brother will be able to switch them on.

We would like to thank all the wonderful staff at Pambula and Bega Hospitals for their love and support at this extremely difficult time. Thanks also to all our local, interstate and international friends and family for their prayers and good wishes.

We wish everyone a very happy, healthy and safe Christmas and New Year, see you all at the 2016 lights display.

Mick and Suzanne ReynoldsTura BeachRubbish overflowingSaturdayand Sunday I was yet again disgusted at the sightof the overflowing rubbish bins at at Mitchie’s Jetty and Ford Park. Surely we can do better than this.

What a terrible sightfor our visitors to see.Surely council can do better than this.

Martin CowleyMerimbulaDisabled parkingIt’s astonishing the number of visitors who fail to recognise the disabled parking logo.

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Thursday afternoon at the Launceston ShowPhotos

Thursday afternoon at the Launceston Show | Photos Thursday at the Royal Launceston Show. Pictures PHILLIP BIGGS.
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Thursday at the Royal Launceston Show. Pictures PHILLIP BIGGS.

Thursday at the Royal Launceston Show. Pictures PHILLIP BIGGS.

Thursday at the Royal Launceston Show. Pictures PHILLIP BIGGS.

Thursday at the Royal Launceston Show. Pictures PHILLIP BIGGS.

Thursday at the Royal Launceston Show. Pictures PHILLIP BIGGS.

Thursday at the Royal Launceston Show. Pictures PHILLIP BIGGS.

Thursday at the Royal Launceston Show. Pictures PHILLIP BIGGS.

Thursday at the Royal Launceston Show. Pictures PHILLIP BIGGS.

Thursday at the Royal Launceston Show. Pictures PHILLIP BIGGS.

Thursday at the Royal Launceston Show. Pictures PHILLIP BIGGS.

Thursday at the Royal Launceston Show. Pictures PHILLIP BIGGS.

Thursday at the Royal Launceston Show. Pictures PHILLIP BIGGS.

Thursday at the Royal Launceston Show. Pictures PHILLIP BIGGS.

Thursday at the Royal Launceston Show. Pictures PHILLIP BIGGS.

Thursday at the Royal Launceston Show. Pictures PHILLIP BIGGS.

Thursday at the Royal Launceston Show. Pictures PHILLIP BIGGS.

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ROSEMARIE MILSOM: Twitterstorm of abuse

Illustration: Simon LetchI WAS in the audience at an event in August when online media entrepreneur Mia Freedman described Twitter as ‘‘an ugly, shouty sewer’’. Given Freedman is an early social media adopter and devotee, I was a little surprised by her comment.
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Then, a couple of weeks later, Freedman penned a comment piece for The Australian’s Media section in which she expanded on her criticism. ‘‘…Twitter is often like walking into a bar fight,’’ she wrote. ‘‘Chairs are flying, fists are swinging and insults are hurled 24/7. It’s a mecca for those who wish to publicly sledge people they’ve never met, with a ferocity bordering on pathological…

‘‘To its detriment, Twitter has been colonised by a roving lynch mob looking for blood.’’

Freedman revealed that she knew a number of people who had ‘‘abandoned the platform’’.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority were women. Trolls and the ‘‘roving lynch mob’’ seem to crave the denigration of women on social media – be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. This was reinforced a couple of weeks ago by the onslaught of toxic condemnation directed at News Limited columnist Miranda Devine after she wrote about domestic violence.

Critics homed in on one particular sentence: ‘‘If you want to break the cycle of violence, end the welfare incentive for unsuitable women to keep having children to a string of feckless men’’.

I disagreed with the tone and angle of Devine’s column – she is vehemently anti-feminist – but the vile insults that dominated Twitter that day were overwhelming. Devine can give as good as she gets, but the rage got very ugly very quickly. There was an element of truth in Devine’s observation in a follow-up opinion column that the people who were being overtly aggressive towards her were some of the same people who condemned male violence against women.

People were calling for her to be sterilised, gagged or sacked. She was labelled a murder apologist, hate-monger and sicko.

I dipped in and out of my Twitter feed and ultimately decided to opt out; it was too nice a day to be immersed in an offensive slanging match. Any victory was going to be a hollow one.

In the past couple of weeks, the writer and creator of the HBO series Girls, Lena Dunham, announced that she had decided to delegate the management of her Twitter account because of the abuse levelled at her.

“I really appreciate that anybody follows me at all, and so I didn’t want to cut off my relationship to it completely, but it really, truly wasn’t a safe space for me,” Dunham said.

I follow Dunham on Twitter and Instagram and the comments directed at her about her physical appearance are vile. What continually occurs to me is that if the abuse happened person-to-person, charges would likely be laid, especially in relation to threats of violence. Each time Dunham publicly supports Planned Parenthood, some in the right-wing Christian lobby in the United States tear her to shreds – and worse.

Earlier this week, Sydney-based DJ AlisonWonderland posted a photo of herself at a gig on Instagram and one of her ‘‘followers’’ made this comment: ‘‘Can we rape her or something please’’. Wonderland posted a screenshot of the comment on her Facebook page and triggered a furore.

People began sending aggressive messages to the offending person’s family and friends while Wonderland pleaded for it all to stop. By shaming the youth/man – a tactic more women seem to be employing out of desperation – Wonderland caused innocent parties to be targeted. It all became a bit of a mess.

Women cop a much tougher time on social media. Nasty sexist comments about a woman’s body, opinions and fashion choices have become so commonplace they are almost to be expected. While platforms such as Twitter encourage the sharing of information and the ability to connect with a broad range of people, on a bad day it seems as though it is only the idiots and ignorant who get any mileage.

Before Mental Health Week concludes tomorrow take stock of your reliance/dependence on social media.

It could be doing more harm than good – especially if you are female.

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