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Fishing scene heats up

Many locations have experienced their hottest start to spring on record.
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The early run of mulloway generally produces trophy sized fish like this one held by Gareth Lynch.

The unseasonal burst of hot weather has pushed the clock forward on several migratory fish runs.

The snapper bite is hot to trot in our bays with some sizable reds up to 8kg already landed.

These bites are always welcome and even more so if they startearly and run longer.

With the snapper comes a range of other fish including several species of shark that provide somedelicious flake for the pan.

Add to this plenty of squid and a creel full of whiting and we have a warm water smorgasbord that’s well underway.

While it’s a month early some good sized mulloway have already started to show along the back of the Coorong.

Extremely hard to catch, mulloway are highly sought and the spring run produces some trophy sized catches.

Fresh baits of squid, pilchards and saurie fillets have so far worked best and most fish have been landed early morning or after dark.

Some sizable seven gill sharks have also been landed from the beach as well as the odd gummy shark and occasional salmon.

With the early run of fish we can also expect to see good numbers of bronze whaler sharks begin to arrive in the coming weeks.

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Bonny lass Bonnie takes boot, ballet shoe, to stereotypes

The Bay Post/Moruya Examiner’s front page story today about the exuberant Bonnie Brewer is another example of why it is so much fun to live and work in the Eurobodalla.
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Bonnie Brewer

As Emily Barton’s story shows, when Bonnie is not leading her rugby union team on the field, Bonnie appears inother incarnations.

Bonnie is a keen and cheerful member of the Bay Theatre Players, in both that group’syouth and general ensembles.

She is a joyful dancer and a student at St Bernard’s Primary School, Batehaven.

She has a ready smile and clearly loves life.

She clearly saw no reason not to follow her brother onto the rugby field and has been having a blast.

She plays halfback for the Batemans Bay Boars’ under 11s –which means she sets the plays –which means –to be frank –she’s smart.

Go Bonnie –and go all the other girls she hopes will join her on the field.

Her days of playing with the boys are limited and her cheerful wish is for others to step up and form an all-girls team.Why not?

The rubbish that collected on the Batemans Bay foreshore over the long weekend (page 3) brought back memories of the rubbish Moruya residents bemoaned after the Easter weekend –fishing tackle, bags of bait etc –left in the North Head break wall.

Our problems are nothing compared to those onSydney and Melbourne waterways, but perhaps twice daily collections should be introduced in such a popular tourist thoroughfare as the Batemans Bay foreshore.

We’re glad tourist operators have reported a good weekend for business (page 5), but tourism is a double-edged sword.

Our picture shows some tried to stack their rubbish neatly.Ensuring there is enough bin room for those who do wish to dispose of their rubbish is wise.

On the bright side, the shire’s beaches have come up very nicely in the regular “State of the Beaches” report (page 5).

No beach will ever be free of bacterial contamination –a pristine beach off a national park will still collect bacteria after heavy rain, from native animals.

However, the shire’s beaches are doing well indeed, which is good news for all of us –those who depend on them for their income and those of us who just love them.

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AWH landmark result

SMILES ALL ROUND: Albury-Wodonga Health ceo Sue O’Neill has confirmed the service’s first profit since its launch in 2009 in annual report this week.ALBURY-Wodonga Health has returned its first profit since the merger of the Albury and Wodonga hospitals in 2009.
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The cross-border service has turned around a $1.6 million loss last financial year into a $1.2 million profit for 2014-15 when a $2.2 million loss was forecast 12 months ago.

AWH began on July 1, 2009 with its biggest loss of $2.9 million coming in 2010-11.

The major financial reversal was contained in the AWH annual report tabled in the Victorian Parliament this week and to be presented at its upcoming annual meeting.

AWH’s budget has grown from a $130 million to $240 million since its inception.

Chief executive officer Sue O’Neill said a major focus on access to elective and emergency care had contributed largely to the turnaround in financial fortunes.

“We’ve achieved all our activity targets and we did that with some efficiencies and some improvements in the way we did business,” she said.

“It led to us lowering our costs and coming out with a better outcome.

“Thisresultis a really good news story for us.”

AWH lifted its performance target from 90 per cent 12 months ago to 99.7 per cent.

One of the single biggest improvements in the last 12 months was recorded in the numberof patients with a length of stay in the emergency department of than 24 hours.

The figure peaked at 225 at Albury and 98 at Wodonga in the first quarter of last year.

They dropped to 111 and 55 at Albury and Wodonga respectively in the second quarter before plummeting to a low of two and zero between January and March this year.

In the final quarter of 2014-15 they were three and one and the latest data for the first quarter of 2015-16 shows the trend has been maintained.

“A better better understanding of our demand, matching our capacity, resources and improving productivity has resulted in a series of improvementsin the time patients on average waited for emergency care and received elective surgery,” Ms O’Neill said.

Ms O’Neill joined AWH in August last year from Cabrini Health in Melbourne.

The opening of a fourth operating theatre at Albury hospital during the last financial year has also played a factor in the bottom line improvement.

A total of289 more patients received orthopaedic procedures compared to the previous year.

Other steps forward include the overall reduction in the waiting list for procedures that require overnight stay by 15 per cent.

“We acknowledge that targets are not always met,” Ms O’Neill said.

“Butwe are consistently moving closer.”

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Mission completed for Gunnedah Catholic schools reunion

IT was a trip down memory lane for ex-students who attended the Combined Catholic Schools reunion in Gunnedah over the long weekend.
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Mission completed for Gunnedah Catholic schools reunion A CLASS gathering from the 1960s enjoy themselves at the Combined Catholic Schools reunion on the long weekend.

The Gunnedah Catholic Schools Reunion.

Betty Stepkovitch (formerly Kelly), of Smithfield, came from Narrabri to board at St Mary’s College from 1947 to 1951 and was dux of the school in her last year. Betty left school after the death of her mother and went on to raise eight children and teach scripture in state schools for more than 30 years. She was awarded life membership of the association. Betty thorougly enjoyed her trip down memory lane and was delighted to show her daughters Vivienne Healey, left, and Katrina around her old “alma mater”. Betty has 16 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Laurie Mansour pictured with his sister Bernice who forged a career as a successful opera singer.

Gunnedah Catholic Schools reunion.

Form 10 in 1965 was the first class to sit for the School Certificate introduced under the revolutionary Wyndham Scheme 50 years ago. (Standing from left) Ian Hartley, Cheryl Field (Dillon), Jacinta Stanley (Gaynor) and Marie Hobson (Campbell), all of Gunnedah. (Seated) Janet Nolan (Wilby) and Patsy Spradbrow (Tailby), both of Newcastle, Pam Esdaile, of Sydney, and John Bell.

(Standing from left) John Hobden, Cheryl Field (Dillon), of Gunnedah, Gaylene Feld (Dillon), of Camden, Ron Dillon, of Gosford, Tony Bennett, of Gunnedah, and John Pritchard, of Canberra. (Seated) Sr Christine Belling, Beryl Walters (Johnstone), of Gunnedah, Marlene Nelson (Johnstone), of Boggabri, and former St Xavier’s teacher Carolyn Pritchard, of Canberra.

This group was part of kindergarten to 6th class 1965 at St Xavier’s. (Back from left) Phil Hinselwood, of Gunnedah, Brendan McGee, of Canberra, Tim Lawrence, of Coffs Harbour, Peter Maxwell, of Gunnedah. (Middle) Therese Fulwood (formerly Donnelly), of Gunnedah, Janice Chalmers, of Glen Innes, Alice Collins (Rugers) of Singleton, Helen Mansour, of Sydney, Christine Gilbert (Maley), of Gunnedah), Anne Cheetham (Richardson), of Lemon Tree Passage. (Front) Ray Gaynor and Richard Gallen, of Gunnedah, Lyn Bruce (Scott), of Sydney, and Agnes Doring (Bailey), of Mackay. Lyn Scott and Richard Gallen were the school captains in 1965.

(Back row from left) John Campbell, Judy Green (formerly Bowen), of Gunnedah, Clare Sydenham, of Sydney, Beth Flynn, of Port Macquarie, Wanda Dunnet (Druce), of Narrabri, Helen Robinson, of Inverell, Christian Rugers, of Broadwater, Julie Clarke (Williams), of Newcastle. (Front row) Maria Lester (Elliott), of Brisbane, Wendy Cope (Dare), of Sydney, Lyn Carolyn, of Frank Rugers, of Kew, Ann Patterson (Webb), of Lemon Tree Passage, Cathy Roberts (Campbell).

Some of these “old boys” were members of the victorious St Mary’s College rugby league team which claimed the 1958 championship at the prestigious Peel Schools Carnival. Coached by Fr Tom Shanahan, the team included Ron Turner (not present) who went on to become Cronulla’s first international player. (Standing from left) Ron Dillon, of Gosford, John Pritchard, of Canberra, Ray Outeridge, of Mooloolaba, Billy Hope, holding the treasured pennant, and Robert Hope, both of Sydney. (Seated) Mick Juratowitch, Tony Bennett, Bob Groth and Des (Wimpy) Dries, all of Gunnedah.

The Gaynor family was well represented at the reunion. (From left) siblings Kay Clarke, Ray Gaynor, Maree Roach and Jacinta Stanley. Absent: Pat Gaynor. The family can claim an unbroken line of either pupils or teachers from the Gaynor/Harrigan family at the local Catholic schools since 1910 when their uncle Bert Harrigan began his education at St Xavier’s.

The Mansour family came home for their mother Merle’s 90th birthday celebration and it was a great opportunity to attend the reunion. From left, Maree Lynch (Mansour), of Lane Cove, Michael Mansour, of Nord’s Wharf, Libby Mansour, of Charmhaven, Laurie and Merle Mansour, Helen Mansour, of Bellevue Hill. Another brother Greg Mansour, of Nord’s Wharf, was unable to attend). Laurie’s sister Bernice Hughes, of Mosman, a well-known opera singer, also enjoyed the reunion.

Former school friends catching up at the reunion. (Standing from left) Sr Gabrielle Foley, of Gunnedah, Glenda Chalmers (Jackson), of Goulburn, and Desne Manns (Delaney) of South Coast. (Seated) Trish Ware (McMahon), of Werris Creek, Frances Watts (Wittman), of Mittagong, Kay Clarke (Gaynor), of Gunnedah, and Christine Salerno (Jansen), of Newcastle.

The Rugers family travelled to Gunnedah for the reunion. (From left) Christian Rugers and his wife Rita, of Broadwater, Alice Collins, of Singleton, Pauline Baldwin, of Broadwater and Frank Rugers, of Kew. Frank was also part of the music ministry at Mass on Sunday morning playing the flute, with Kay Clarke on organ and Ray Gaynor on guitar.

Sr Christine Belling, of Gunnedah, Bob and Jeanette (formerly Foley) Brennan, of Tamworth, and Sr Gabrielle Foley, of Gunnedah.

Sisters Cathy Roberts (Campbell). left, and Marie Hobson, right, werte delighted to catch up with Terry Tydd and his sister Junette Barbato, whose father Frank Tydd, a local builder, employed Ossie Campbell for more than 40 years as his foreman/carpenter. Terry Tydd, a doctor, has retired at Manly, while Junette lives in Armidale.

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Runners revel in daylight savings

Cold southerly winds greeted the 63 Broulee Runners on Wednesdayevening, which tended to slow the pace down.
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RUN WITH MUM: Rhys and Jo Flood and Leanne and Jaylah Hancock ran on Wednesday.

The exception was Daniel Beby, who recorded a very fast time of 17 minutes flat over this temporary longer course.

This was only one second slower than his previous time before the start of the bridge work, which has lengthened the course.

This was the group’s first event at the new daylight saving time of 5 PM and we attracted 10 new starters. It is definitely a family event with three members of the Weymans family having their first run.

The triathlon season is fast approaching and a number of athletes are working hard on their training and most notable are Daniel Beby, Lachlan Brown, Gary Ashton and sisters Kylie and Kim Young.

Two kilometres:Hugh Wignell 8.18.Kobe Jenkins 8.36.Riley Nimmo 9.07.Cameron Lunn 9.07.JaylahHancock-Cameron 9.34.Sam Blake 9.38.Leanne Hancock 9.51.Stephanie Lunn 10.01.Alex Young 10.32.Leanne Weymans 10.35.Leo Weymans10.39.Dylan Holmes 11.01.Sandra Lunn 11.10.Riley Beby 11.12.Bradley Lunn 11.13.Katie McDonald 11.29.Caroline McDonald 11.33.Kim Wignell 12.14.Mitchell Beby 13.48.Cara Young 13.51.Sari Jenkins 13.56.Jesse Jenkins 13.58.David McCann 14.10.Katie Patyus14.19.Leila Patyus14.20.Robyn Kennedy 14.54.Patrick Wade15.05.Chris Wade15.10.Carissa Morgan 15.39.Mitchell Morgan 15.40.

3.5 kilometres:Rhys Flood 15.04.Indhi Filmer15.34.Christian Filmer 15.44.Ava Weymans 17.20.Alistair Mars18.53.Craig Senior 20.15.Mike Kennedy 24.13.

Five kilometres:Daniel Beby17.00.Scott Carver 20.27.Lachlan Brown20.59.Matt Lambert 21.12.Jo Flood 22.50.Gary Ashton 23.25.Andrew McPherson 23.30.Dave Connaughton 24.26.Greg Flood 24.39.Mark Lavender 25.55.Paige Connaughton 26.06.Kylie Young 26.58.Scott Senior 27.46.Deb Connaughton 28.02.Jackson Blake 28.13.Kyle Young 28.42.

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