LETTER:The battle for Morpeth


WE are dumbfounded by statements by Hilton Grugeon that Morpeth is his town.

Morpeth is not his town and never will be.

He doesn’t even live there (‘‘Trailer park option touted’’ Herald 7/10).

His statements regarding various development proposals from Morpeth Land Company clearly show the tactics of property developers.

Morpeth is a major tourist destination, generating significant revenue and profile for the Maitland area.

Morpeth’s unique attraction comes from its retention of heritage set amidst a peaceful rural setting.

Hilton apparently is not financially involved in the housing estate/trailer park proposal but is happy to give his assistance. Ha ha.

So Morpeth Land Company appears to be threatening Maitland City Council with a trailer park if they don’t get their way?

What is of immense concern is the potential conflict of interest between Maitland council and Morpeth Land Company.

Brad Everett, a director of Morpeth Land Company was, for seven years, Maitland council’s planning director.

If any developers want to try to railroad the residents of Morpeth and destroy our historic village, then bring it on.

We will fight them all the way.

Simon and Alison Brooker,


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